WARNING! The STOOPID Bomb must have Exploded!

..and now the STOOPID  S#!t is everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE!

The alarm has gone off and indicated the are extremely high doses of  STOOPID  S#!T RADIATION  in the air in the North American Continent, and it is very likely to spread to other parts of the world. Look out world, this is your early warning– that huge storm of some Continue reading

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Jus Checkin in

am I still on her and have access? Yup all work good. OK . I wanted to make sure my eternal wisdom that I have imparted in the past is still here for the Masses ( does that means lots of people , or is it a religious ceremony. hmmm)

And for the few followers I may have remaining I do have thought from time to time but I and Mrs Air cooled have been so busy this past year that I have not had the time to do any writing……….

I am hopeful that this will be changing for us soon.

so Stay Tooned!

Crap my down arrow button just stopped working. time for a new laptop?


‘Nuff Said  says – Tata for Now

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To Brad Paisley and LL Cool J : THANK YOU

This is an open letter to Brad Paisley and LL Cool J:

Gentlemen– I Thank you. Thank you for the wake up song “Accidental Racist” You have started a conversation in America. Good for You both.

However there seems to be a problem. Continue reading

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That Groundhog Should be FIRED!

I mean really! Oh Yea. I am of course talking about old Mr. Smarty Pants Punxsutawney Phil.  You know, “the Seer of Seers, The Prognosticator of…” blah blah blah !
This year he has completely misled us into thinking that Spring would be just around the corner. He has totally missed the signs of the 6 PLUS additional weeks of winter that all of us who live anywhere from Kansas to Maine in the U.S. have had to deal with.

Most years that varmint will just play it safe and shout out “six more weeks of winter”.  “Oh Great. Not what we wanted to hear” we all grumble. “That’s what you declared LAST year!” And he has been pretty much right on the money.
Now I don’t have anything personal against of Punx Phil, even though He just sits over there in Pennsylvania collecting his royalty checks from Bill Murry.  But the only thing this Continue reading

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in Honor of my friend Frank Crivello

I started my day at work as usual, firing up the dreaded computer, then logging on to the usual nine or so software applications that I use everyday, but upon looking over the master plan for the day I see that I and several other fellow cube-ites (not to be confused with cubits) are all slated for a two-hour time frame away from The Machine. “Ah something a little different today”. Probably some group training. That will be a pleasant change.

An hour later one of the supervisors tells me ‘ I know you have been away a few days but I presumed you would want to go to Franks Memorial service today so I blocked you in for it”

I had not heard. I was stunned. It took Continue reading

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Note to SELF about my Blog

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. in fact I have given this a LOT of Thought.

Half Note

Half Note (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have come to the conclusion that  the best way to get things going Continue reading

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Finding a new Doctor Update

Well, In short we found one. But it was not a treat to deal with.  And since I had become very ill rather quickly – AGAIN ( dam I hate getting old) , I had to get this resolved NOW.

At the beginning of the year I started out defining our needs. First I wanted them to be reasonably close if possible, though that was not the highest priority.

Sex was not really a consideration, Continue reading

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One Year Anniversary Bloggin

Wow. I didn’t pay much attention, but my little “you got comments” light let me know that I have been for One year already. so What have I done?

I got freshly pressed very early on so that gave me an unfair advantage of getting a lot of readers and a respectable following very early one.  I have made some great “friends” in the process.

Too many obligations and a couple of illnesses got in the Continue reading

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Talk about snow!

This Morning I just happened to click on the Bing Pictures of the day , and found this blogger on “The Other Blog Site”  call “The History Tavern”

Since it is “Over There” I can’t put a follow for my reader so I guess  I will have to drop a link somewhere.

His offering from December 17 last Year (sound funny, like so long a go) was about The Great snowstorms of the past, and it has a great write up and pictures.

As damaging as it can be, I always find picture of Snow  so beautiful.

I Give you a link to ‘The History Tavern” . What a great name!
Since this is about Snow I am betting my friend Susie Lindau  will especially enjoy this Link. What say you Susie?


Nuff Said on a Sunday Morning

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Findng a New Doctor… Is Gonna be a Bugger!

Ok Kids and fellow Bloghumans, I am asking for your input on this one. You may have read our Family Doctor has shut down his practice rather abruptly in December. We had a 20+ year relationship with his office and they are truly some great people.

As you probably also believe, you don’t just go see the medicine man. You have ongoing relationships with the receptionists, the nurse, aids- with everyone in that office (unless it is just too big to know everyone.

Our main criteria we are looking for are below:.
I don’t want a doctor who has multiple offices. I want ONE location to find him/her at.
I really would prefer that there be only ONE doctor in that office, (so I don’t have to take whoever is available that day).
And I really don’t want a doctor who is my age, and will be retiring in the next ten years, cuz I don’t want to go thru this again…

Using this list above has ruled out a lot of them in my area, but that list of prospects is still way too long.

So I  ask You – those who have had to do this for what ever reason, – Is it wrong to expect our new prospects to be willing to be Interviewed?  After all, we are the Clients here. We will be paying Him / Her for their services / advice/ counsel. So it seems only proper that they should be willing to sit for an interview with us, a prospective employer.

And – I feel that I should not have to pay them a penny for their time because I am not asking them for their input on a medical satiation, No I am asking them to prove to ME that they are suitable to be worthy of My Time and Money .

Perhaps when I do my initial call screening ( office staff response will be graded) I can use their response to a request for interview as a grading point as well. It may help decide if the patient or the $$ is the higher priority.

What do you think? I really would like your input n this one..


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