I Wanna blog.
I  wanna blog blog blog blog blog.

I wanna write this stuff and get it outta my head.
I gotta write this stuff before I go to bed.

I wanna just sit in my Easy chair and write about things that may curl your hair.
I wanna just sit here in my easy chair, writing these things in my  underware.

I wanna post these things 24/7 and get it Continue reading

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Blogger Award Angst or I Won I Won – Oh Crap. EEEK

The following is a transcript of thoughts from my brain, and  were recorded on my Mental Digital Thought Recorder (MDTR)  on March 15, 2012, while I was cruzin’ WordPress looking for  great bloggers and inspiration. The Names have not been changed so that they will receive the proper punishment due full benefit of my notoriety.
self- You silly ass, do you really thing you are that special?> 

————-start of MDTR Transcript ——————

Blogger awards?  WOW,  does this mean you can win GRAMMYs for writing? Sooooh cool.

I wonder how many types of awards there are? How many do Continue reading

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Twitter and Facebook and Pintrest OH MY

I have tried, really I have. I understand that thousands, no, millions of people do it. But I just don’t get it. Am I too dense to see it? Am I stuck in the middle of the forest, not be able to see the trees?

Facebook, My space, Twitter, Stumblupon, Pintrest, and on and on………..  Its endless!
Does a person have to be  a part of them all?

Let’s look at my situation for example.
I have this blog. I got lucky and got a lot of exposure early.
As a result Continue reading

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Memories of … an Eleven Year Old Boy part 1

LBA- Long Blog Alert.

Lets get right to it. Things I remember –  Lionel Trains!  and Christmas! and Summers! and Playing in the dirt! YEaa! And I remember our new house being built.

These early years seemed to be filled with excitement for me. Every day was  a new adventure and learning experience.
I was about 3 or 4 when we moved to our new house in a new Platt in the suburbs.  Our house was probably the 4th or 5th to be built on the street.

It seems that moving day was sometime in June or July in the late 50’s.  For several weeks  the steps to the front door were rickety temporary  wood steps built mainly for the construction workers to be able  to get in and out the front door.  The driveway was just gravel, and the street was just curbs and had these big fist sized rocks, (perfect for throwing) and wasn’t going to be paved for several weeks yet.

I remember taking a couple walks with my Dad down another “road to be” to watch the big yellow Continue reading

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My 100th Follower Just Signed On!!

Yea for ME. I have been watching to see when that would happen and much to my surprise it happened this evening as I was working on some design issues on my blog site.

As her Prize for  randomly being the 100th follower, I am posting her link here.

Pleas Go read A Peak Inside at http://redhead81.wordpress.com/

She has some funny stuff about everyday life.-

Thank you Red,  and thank you to all who stop in and read me.

‘Nuff Said

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Oh My Gosh, I’ve Been Freshley Pressed

Wow I am tickled Pink ( ” is this a reference to the Defense of Pink Suits Posting? – naw). I think I will celebrate by– Writing another POST! GRIN!

In All seriousness, , to whomever made this happen– Thank You! and for all who come and read, Thank YOO!  I will try to read all comments that are left and acknowledge you , and as I get time I promise to slide by each of your blogs if yu have one and check out what you are writing  / posting pictures about.

This is so kool. Out of all of the Blogs up here, The Odds are — wow- pretty high. Thank you WordPress. I knew I was going to like it e


Have a Good Day – no,  Have  a Great Day, because you all have made mine wonderful! Thanks Again

’nuff Said


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So what happens at ten?

When I finished the previous entry I got this little banner pop over that said I have written “9 blogs, just one more to go.”

“So”, I wondered aloud to myself since it is only me and the dog at home tonight,
I wonder what happens when i post blog entry #10″

Do bells and whistles go off?
Do I get Freshly Pressed?
Will I win any money?
Will I be invited to play on stage with one of my favorite musicians?

Or will I just get some lame “congratulations” message that won’t really benefit me in any way.

Lets find out.

Also I thing i figured out how to use the categories thing, so maybe tomorrow I will readjust some of my writings and get that fixed.

Now about “tags”

it is said that the three most used words used in tabloids, or marking or something like that are Free Money and sex.  so if i use those in my articles all the time will I get better coverage from google,? or how about Politics? It seems Newt and Romney and Santorum are three words that are used a lot right now. Will those bring me legions of followers?

Oh well while the use of these words are truly misleading, because the only thing free here are my musings,  (I am not likely to make any money and this is not a site about sex), lets see if any of this does in fact bring any attention to my site. Heck even if someone complains at least found me! :p)  and then if people read some of  the other entries they may say “wow,  that Air Cooled Underware person is really weird.”

you gotta admit– it is a weird name

For the benefit of other new bloggers here, as soon as I post this, I will enter a comment and let you know what happens. Presuming a limousine doesn’t suddenly show up and Joe Walsh or Peter Frampton, or Christina Agulara or that readers Digest guy isn’t knocking on my door right away………..

’nuff said.

tag ps- there’s some of them strange tag suggestions again– Ten Commandments?  Usher? really – come on man…….something is seriously wrong with that thing.

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I just don’t wanna…

Winter is my don’t wanna time it seems.
There are a thousand things (well maybe a hundred) that need to be done, but this evening I am just in a mood that I don’t feel like it.

There is a nearly finished project on the garage that I could have brought closer to completion, so I can get it out of my way,
I could have cleaned up the work shop so I could find my tools,
I could have straightened up my studio so I can get to my guitars and maybe play a little bit just to see if I remember how, ………….

I should empty the dishwasher but I don’t wanna.
My check came in yesterday and I should go pay the bills , but I just don’t wanna.
I have all the paperwork to do our taxes, and I know were getting a good size refund,
but ( ok class- ) ” I just don’t wanna”. That’s right class.

While I have the evening free, (the wife is babysitting overnight one of our grandkids because our daughter and her husband both work in  public service jobs that entail long odd hours), I could find those missing brio track sections on ebay we need and get them bought so we have complete set for all the boys to play with when they come over,
BUT–  You guessed it. I DONT WANNA.

I DID run the dishwasher so at least I got that done.  I feel that is good enough for one evening. Now it is ME time.
And if I don’t feel like doing anything but mindless things on the computer, Like write a silly blog entry, then by gosh o gee willikers I’m gonna do just that.

And if runnning spell check seams liek to much of a bother — well i guess yu know whats gonna happen here- I aint gonna run it, becuase I dont wanna.

In these winter months there is so much that we cold get done, but it seems the cold, the lack of sun, the after holiday blues or what ever it is just gangs up on you, and a person just has to say – “I’m not going to do anything if I don’t want to today”.

After all just once in a while you need some time to not do anything at all unless you want to.

So if when I get up tomorrow I don’t feel like going to work, well, I will probably go in anyway because I am not a convincing liar on the phone about being sick.

I hope this truly inspire you to take a day for your self, heck take a week, or a month , or the WHOLE dam WINTER if you feel like it, to do ONLY what you wanna do , and not one thing more.

When March comes, and none of this stuff is done that i COULD have gotten out of the way,  well I’ll deal with the guilt trip then (gulp) – Maybe. And I will Probably get mad at myself for not getting these chores done before the weather turned out real nice!

’nuff said.

P.S. I have NO idea how the tag tool come up with its suggested tags for this article. It is recommending the following: Arts, New York, Humor, Video Games, Games, God androle playing. now after you have read all of this article how in the world does it come up with those suggestions? ( and that is before I wrote this section, obviously)


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Freedom Wow

I’m sitting in my favorite chair looking at other author’s blogs to get design ideas and the evening hunger hits. It is 4:48 PM eastern time. I ask the other food consumer in the house what sounds good for dinner that is different. Their response is “Not the usual fair” which is interesting because my feeling is similar.

The best part about this is as I sit her working on this blog design, on a not really warm january day ( the weather center says it is 57 degrees but the wind makes it seem much colder and what started out as a bright cheery sunny day has turned to total dull grey) I am enjoying NOT having any deadlines on me since we put the business in stasis. I feel so at ease being able to just hang around the house and do NOTHING – it has taken  over 3 years to make this possible and  I do not feel guilty about not getting anything done.

So “why not start a blog” I sez and so ……….. here we go.

when was the last time you could just hang around the homestead and not feel guilty. take the poll now…

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