On  lighter note this weekend………. I am not a big art lover by any means…………

but when I see something I like……. well,  I gotta get a couple of these.

I just discovered Frank Morrison’s artwork.

Check it out for your self.

Very simply, in the word of Chevy Chase– WOO HOHOHO,  YEAH – I LIKE IT!

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Larry Hagman has died- at the age of 81 Years of age

It is so sad. This  man was such a great villain. I enjoyed watching him in both the old and new Dallas. There is no other  like him.

I hope this does not start a sting of more great and well known people. The last time that happened I had a year of deaths of friend and family, one of them being my sister.

I have nothing else to say right now.

add your thought below if you have any recollections of him.

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Same Beautiful Clear Blue Sky …

…As it was on This Day 11 years ago. Simply gorgeous day. I went out to put up our flag this morning. I pull out a small step ladder so I could reach the clamp that holds our Flag on the front brick of our house. after I inserted the flag pole into the clamp I turned around to look over my shoulder before coming down the ladder and I see the flag, and the blue cloudless sky, and the vapor trail of a passenger jet heading south in the sky.

It was a perfect picture statement of what today is about. it made me tear up. I wish I could have grabbed a camera fast enough. the photo below was taken about 20 minuets after the event. The cloud string was not anywhere is site.

This was taken about 20 minuets after the moment the jet has flown by

A couple nights ago one of the news channels was replaying their special, a timeline of events, with interviews of people involved in that day. My first reaction was ” I’ve seen this one, let me see what else is on” but before I changed channels, i ended up watching the whole program. – TWICE. It made me sob at times.  I will probably always sob every time I see programs about this horrible, horrible day. September 11th 2001.


No silly comments today from me.

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Oh my I have been freshly Pressed- whatever shall I do?

I have no idea how articles are selected for the honor of being put right up front on the  Freshly Pressed Page,  all I know is it happened to me without notice and I had only been on Word Press  about Continue reading

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Would you prefer Hot Pink Underwear?

Hello Everyone, I would like to introduce you to my cousin Meagan.. Her blog name is truly as eye and ear and mind catching as mine– only MORE so.

No we re not really cousins, in fact we just met via another bloggers link, but what the heck, I like the name,, and what I have read of her blog so far. I bet you will to– so Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Hot Pink Underwear for you review!!!

(this is getting kind of Kinky, isn’t it. )

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Making yourself sound important

This one is for the ‘Just Thoughts” category– I am working on finalizing a website so we can go LIVE this week, and researching a couple of terms, I see on the side of a web consulting company’s page an “about the author” note..  And this is what it says….

 is a lead at <company name removed>. He/She ensures that business requirements are translated into scalable, integrated technical architectures, and user-centric interfaces. 

and here is another one……… Continue reading

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The 2012 Olympic Ceremony in London was…………

…………. WOW.. It made me tear up a lot……………………

As I watched it  and seeing all those people from so many different cultures …. Continue reading

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Should I Write? or Program? or Play?

Just  letting you know I’m still around. I have been busy because I have a few projects I have been working on that I need to finish.

Photo of the living room of a compulsive hoarder

Not my living room

This week I am on vacation and trying to go thru a LOT of junk to pitch, give away or absorb into my THINGS.


NERD (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I also have a project for a club I belong to and that project is to build a new and more comprehensive website for the club.  I am learning a new programming method and the learning curve has been steep, but I am making pretty good progress finally.

Español: Keith Emerson, de fondo el Moog modular.

Me in my MIND (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And thirdly ( is that a word?) ( yea, I just looked it up), I have one of my Keyboards sitting on the living room coffee table because the other night my daughter was her and she was performing a new song she had learned for me.

So this evening Mrs. air Cooled is up doing her baby sitting thing for “Celine” and “Mr. Wright” because they are both working the 3rd watch this evening………. SO…………

I have some unfettered time on my hands……

Decisions, decisions, – do I wanna write a blog and get it posted this evening, or do I want to just take advantage of the Yamaha sitting there and doodle on the key for a couple of hours? OR  do I want to make more progress on the club website, since I have all evening unfettered by interruptions from Mrs. Air Cooled? ( I need o give here a proper pseudonym)


Well, I think I can  zip off this quick blog and get it posted just to let folks know I am alive, and Then try to see what progress I can make on the website……. then after a couple more glasses of wine maybe i can sit down and play a bit while I am ‘loosened up ‘ with the wine and see how badly I can play..  that would be a triple Play. that would just top off a perfect evening since my Beloved Indians won this evening against the Mariners!

WaHoo! Go Tribe!

Indians logo

Indians logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wil let yu now How it turns out.

‘Nuff Said for now….. time’za Waistin……..

Add your 2 cents below…….

Well its been 2 hours now, and I got sidetracked………… I searching for a photo of some famous people, I stumbled onto my Buddie Joe Walsh, my fellow Air Cooled Underware brother – WB6ACU – in a video playing a superb blues solo… ( yep Joe is a certified Ham radio operator as well as  a Kick ass guitar player.)  and at the moment I am listening to David Gilmour….  God I miss playing on in a band……. 

did i just give out a clue above?
-mmmmmmmmmmm could be……

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I Wanna blog.
I  wanna blog blog blog blog blog.

I wanna write this stuff and get it outta my head.
I gotta write this stuff before I go to bed.

I wanna just sit in my Easy chair and write about things that may curl your hair.
I wanna just sit here in my easy chair, writing these things in my  underware.

I wanna post these things 24/7 and get it Continue reading

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America Revealed- you HAVE to watch this series!

Really – you need to call everyone you know and have them watch this series.

The program is called America Revealed and it gets you thinking about ‘things’.
It  airs on Wednesday evenings on PBS (check your local listings). This means each episode in nearly a full hour of information ( not 15 minutes of information, 23 minutes of commercials, Continue reading

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