Comment Policy

With all the attention I received from being FP’d I learned a lot about WP and blogging already. One thing I need to do is express my ground rules for commenters so that you may know why your comment may not show up here.

I strive to keep smiling no matter what happens. I want to put a smile on the face of everyone who reads my postings, and on rare occasions get them to think a little bit.

These are the rules I have decided to adopt. These are in keeping with the spirit of my purpose for blogging.

1. No ADDS. If your comment is more about getting people to a site so you can sell something, it will probably be held for moderating., and most likely deleted. The purpose of this blog is for all of us to be friends. (Although I have a high respect for what it takes to be a salesperson, however I do not LIKE most sales persons in general. If I want to buy something I will come looking for YOU- don’t come pester me).

2. No Add links. In conjunction with rule #1, if your ‘blog’ site is dedicated to a business (yours or others) I will most likely not add you as a link,  and possibly delete your comments. If I find a product that we have used that is truly all it says and more– I may RAVE about it her on my own. Likewise if we use a product or service that is (in our opinion) totally crap, I will RANT about it her as well.

3. No Flames. DONT EVEN THINK about slamming or chastising another person who leaves a comment.  The same goes for negative comments about any county or nationality of Peoples.  If I see one– I will delete it immediately.
‘Nuff said on that one.

4. No Politics. This is not a political blog. There are too many of those anyway. IT just get folks riled up and I don’t want that here.

5. Watch Your Language. Certain words are also marked as being potentially blocked or deleted. I am not a saint, nor do i have virgin ears, but there are some words and phrases that we really don’t need to use to get thoughts across. If you wouldn’t say it to your Fiance’s Parents on their first meeting, then don’t say it here, and you will not get blocked.

6. Free Expression Allowed. I may not agree with your thought or sentiment on a comment you leave but as long as  you haven’t broken any of the above rules I will not delete your comment, just because you disagree with me or another commenter, cuz free thought is allowed in this country!  just remember No Flames!

Caveat Emptor. Know that all opinions expressed by commenters and posters are not necessarily the opinions of the blog owner– ME (aka, Nuff Said) 🙂

That pretty well sums it up I believe. I reserve the right to moderate all content on this blog and will do so to keep it a positive environment one for all who read my articles. For the same reason I reserve the right to modify these rules at any time. – Its My Blog ya know.

Thanks  for Reading me, and let have some fun here!