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oh dam I started with the really great idea…

… for an article to  to get  my finger working on writing here again , so I put on my head phones, and tuned in

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To Emma Masso and “Mrs Lowes class”- the JIGG is UP

A few weeks ago I received an nice email about how wonderful my website that I admin is and how this class found it so useful. Being a PROUD webmaster I was naturally thrilled that someone would take the time … Continue reading

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I never used to. In fact the change of seasons is why I love it here in the “Midwest” ( Whomever called Ohio the Midwest, NEVER looked at a MAP of the whole USA. ) In fact even in my … Continue reading

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Internet Links- Whats your preference? Please comment

As a builder of web pages for various organizations, I  have developed one policy. For just about any link on that site I use the trick that causes the link to open in a separate tab or window. Here is … Continue reading

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What ? Huh? Are you DEAF? part 1of ?

The time has come for me to face the fact that I HAVE A HEARING DEFICIENCY THAT IS AFFECTING ME AT HOME AND AT WORK. I have been aware of my slow degradation of my hearing for about 7 years … Continue reading

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Jus Checkin in

am I still on her and have access? Yup all work good. OK . I wanted to make sure my eternal wisdom that I have imparted in the past is still here for the Masses ( does that means lots … Continue reading

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To Brad Paisley and LL Cool J : THANK YOU

This is an open letter to Brad Paisley and LL Cool J: Gentlemen– I Thank you. Thank you for the wake up song “Accidental Racist” You have started a conversation in America. Good for You both. However there seems to … Continue reading

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That Groundhog Should be FIRED!

I mean really! Oh Yea. I am of course talking about old Mr. Smarty Pants Punxsutawney Phil.  You know, “the Seer of Seers, The Prognosticator of…” blah blah blah ! This year he has completely misled us into thinking that … Continue reading

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in Honor of my friend Frank Crivello

I started my day at work as usual, firing up the dreaded computer, then logging on to the usual nine or so software applications that I use everyday, but upon looking over the master plan for the day I see … Continue reading

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Note to SELF about my Blog

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. in fact I have given this a LOT of Thought. I have come to the conclusion that  the best way to get things going

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