Cast of Characters

On occasion I may write about my family. To keep their privacy (as of this writing they don’t know that I even have a blog) I have given them all pseudonyms.

And so – to help you follow along, below is each Character and their ‘description’

Air Cooled Underware Cast of Characters.
Name Relationship Description
Nuff Said ME, sometimes known as Papaw A fine upstanding individual
What If My Wife,  aka Nana More creativity than anyone can fathom
Tacklleberry Oldest Son Retired Police Officer, working on Nursing degree,  husband of Princess Leia
Princess Leia Daughter-In-Law Wife of Tackleberry- a certified school teacher
Thinker- aka FruzenGladja 1st Son of Tackleberry and Princess Leia Smart as a Whip- like his Dad, My first train Buddy
Angel 2nd Son of Tackleberry and Princess Leia See’s Angels, Can be found in the dictionary under the word stubborn
Sparky Our 2nd Son, runs his own business, turned lemons into his own Lemonaid stand! Husband of RosaLita, LOVES sports
RosaLita Daughter-In-Law Wife of Sparky, licensed insurance agent
No FEAR! Son of Sparky and RosaLita His name says it all! Gives us reason to FEAR
Grins Daughter of Sparky and RosaLita Our newest- the first Girl in 2 families
Mr. Wright Son-in-Law Married to Celine, Career Fireman, Not related to Orville  n Wilber
Celine Daughter Wife of Mr. Wright, Great voice, Police Officer- Yes Really!
Emoticon Son of Mr. Wright and Celine Oh those eyebrows!

3 Responses to Cast of Characters

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  2. Oh Megan– I sorry I just now saw your comments. I appreciate anyone who reads anything I write,, and I really have to take the time to thank anyone who leaves a comment. so a belated Thank you .

  3. meagan mac says:

    Love this. What a great way to capture your family.

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