The Journey … The Discovery

….. So let’s jump in time a bunch of years after my experiment with my first recording (name to be announced soon)

THE TIME: November 34th, 2017ish, 3:52AM
THE PLACE: Somewhere in Ohio
( narrator voice trails off under the music)

some of the detail above may be a little unsure…..

I am paging through my new favorite catalog, you know, the one for SWEETWATER, the music retailer in Indiana. I am drooling over guitars and synths and microphone, and suddenly I spy…. AN AFFORDABLE SMALL IN SIZE HOME STUDIO DIGITAL RECORDING CONSOLE. My retirement plans have just been changed! I’m gonna build me a recording studio. BTW – I 100% recommend Sweetwater for just about any musical needs you may have. They are great for advice as well. I now use them pretty much exclusively.

So I did just that. I already have some keyboards and a few guitars. I buy a used Tascam recording desk, a power conditioner, a few microphones, a pair of Studio monitor speakers, a pair of headphones and lots of cables and jumpers and Mic Leads. Presto. I never ever thought I would be able to have a recording studio, but now I have one. I am one happy Gitar picker!

First order of business–READ. A LOT. I study up on copyright law, distribution, publishing, and streaming services… WOW – this gets complicated. My head is still reeling at time at everything I have to do to get ONE song released into the world. So I make a list, seek out few YouTube advisors on the subject, and begin the process. Damian Keyes seems to a pretty good source of information. Mechanical rights, cover song writes, how many streams it take to get a DOLLAR paid to you

ASCAP, BMI, Distrokid, Tunecore, Performance rights, music licensing to TV / Movies, SoundCloud, Spotify Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… Marketing, Promotion, emails,, Socials accounts, Buying adverts….
Wowowie whoooo woop woop geezopete. IS there no end to it? WIll I ever understand it all?

There is SO much to learn before putting your music out there that it really makes your head spin. I don’t know how much success I will have, but I have learned that I can’t just drop this on Facebook and expect much of a response. A Facebook friend of mine had made a recording and put it out on Facebook. A few days later he remarked that he was very disappointed, He said “I have over 250 “friend”s on here, and I only got a handful of responses…. “
We all know that Facebook only shows you like 10 or 15 peoples posting from your friends list, so more than likely almost none of his “friend” even saw the post.

The Next step is to re-record the tune and clean it up. The copy I had from that first DAW recording had issues, namely latency of each subsequent track. And since it was quite some time since I did the experiment, I had to reconstruct and write down just how I played it that first time. Since all I had was the finalized stereo master mix down, I had to mentally separate all the parts and re-imagine them. I had to get a good, properly timed master recording before I could submit it for copyright. (It took 3 months to get the copyright certificate).

The Re-recording of this, while it took many takes, was probably the easiest part of this process. The harder part was the learning curve with the equipment. I am using a Tascam NEO 2488 Porta studio. It is marvelous.

In its various stages, I have played this song for a few individuals of various age ranges, and everyone has said something like “wow, that is nice”, so I am encouraged by those comments alone.

What I Discovered were 2 things.
1. After much practice, I was still a decent musician.
2. Getting just this one song out there and hopefully getting noticed and a lot of play, and a good response is going to be a Lot of WORK.

So the next phase of this Journey is the Preparation….

See you next time

‘Nuff Said’

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