The Journey of a First Time Indie musician – The Experiment

My current venture began several years ago as an experiment. I have had an unhealthy  interest in the recording process for much of my life. As a young teenager, I read everything about studio recording and live sound amplification that I could get my hands on.

Many years later, while scouring the web late one evening, I stumbled onto a free recording software program called Cakewalk. Since it was FREE, I downloaded it.
And installed it.
And fired it up.
And plugged in my guitar.
And strummed a few chords.
…. aaand I got NOTHING.
Major disappointment!.
I tinkered and fiddled, changed setting after setting. I probably fussed with it for about an hour…. and suddenly I could hear my guitar… and it was recorded. Eureka – it WORKS. I now had a big grin on my face.

Prior to the development of these software DAW programs ( Digital Audio Workstations), you had to have THOUSANDS of dollars of equipment to make a decent music recording. But now Cakewalk was FREE! (and still is to date). I was a happy camper.

So after I had gotten this program to work for me, I sat on the floor, I hit the record button,to test it I started to finger pick some chords at random for about 2 or 3 minutes (2:38 to be exact).
I played it back and IT SOUNDED GREAT. As I listed to it again, I began thinking “Hmmm, I think I ‘hear’ a lead that needs to be added to this” I said to my self, and proceeded to record that lead I heard in my head.
I played it back. A Bigger grin shows up on my face. “Wow that sounds kool” I said to my self. (I say stuff to my self a lot.)

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!  I began to ‘hear’ a second lead in my head, different from the first one.
Sooooo. I recorded that…
Played it back…
and the future guitar hero in me said “That –  is good. But it needs a bass line to fill it out.” Sooooo I pull out my Bass guitar and (yep you know it) I recorded that.

After playing the recording back that now had 4 guitar parts that were ALL ME, the biggest grin shows up on my face and I declared that It was good, I saved the recording and went to bed, cuz by this time it was about 2 or 3 in the morning…

And a song was born.

 ‘Nuff Said’

With that I will continue on to the next part of this journey,  “The Discovery”

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‘Nuff Said.

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1 Response to The Journey of a First Time Indie musician – The Experiment

  1. zelmare says:

    I haven’t seen you around here for ages?! Sounds like you’re having a blast with this program.

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