To Emma Masso and “Mrs Lowes class”- the JIGG is UP

A few weeks ago I received an nice email about how wonderful my website that I admin is and how this class found it so useful. Being a PROUD webmaster I was naturally thrilled that someone would take the time to send me a note about my site.
The odd thing is Emma never said what grade or subject the class was for or where in America the school was at.

I went Web Digging. – I found MrsLowes website, but it is all locked down. She may be a legit teacher, or it may be a scam. If it is legit I hope Mrs Lowe gets wind of this I even replied to “Emma” .

 Oh and Emma’s Letter included a helpful link that I might find useful to use on my page. IT was a link for a Commercial service provider. We don’t do Commercial on our site. Our site is all Hobby and Volunteer.

IT has been about 4 weeks and I still have not heard a word. – so I spent some serious digging, this time with a different angle..

THE JIGG IS UP EMMA MASSO. Turn in your laptop. and internet connection. IT seems that several bloggers and small web pages have received similar wonderful notes on various things that have been studied in class including bee keeping, Ancestry, weather science and  Weather, Emergencies, Fragrances — and many more I am sure. A fellow Word press Blogger seems to have done some detective work on her own and has the full scoop here

Below is My version that I received- Minus the Identifying link
Hi there,
I just wanted to take the time to write you and let you know that my classmates and I have really enjoyed using your page ( mylink mylink mylink yada yada )   for our disaster safety projects! My tutor, Mrs. Lowe, thought it would be nice if we wrote you a thank you note (by using her email) to let you know that it’s been such a great help for us to learn all about preparing for different natural disasters 🙂
And as a thank you, we thought it would be nice send along another resource that we came across during our projects. It has some great information to help learn about different disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and wildfires, that we thought could be helpful for others – ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ comercial Links $$$$$$$).

And if you added it to your other resources, I’d love to show Mrs. Lowe that the site was up to share with other students learning about preparing for emergencies 🙂
But thanks again for your help! And we hope to hear back from you soon.( OH REALLY?)
Emma Masso (and the rest of Mrs. Lowe’s students!)


Do I hear SIrens in the background?

knock knock knock -THIS IS THE INTERNET POLICE – COME ON OUT,  Emma,, or Mrs Lowe, or whatever your name is.

We know you are in there”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
‘Nuff Said



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  1. Pink Ninjabi says:

    Always awesome to see you writing!

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