I never used to. In fact the change of seasons is why I love it here in the “Midwest”
( Whomever called Ohio the Midwest, NEVER looked at a MAP of the whole USA. )

In fact even in my late age I have often been known to call people up at ANY hour at the first sign of snowflakes each year to scream “SNOW! IT SNOWING! SNOW!” as a 5-year-old child would scream “It’s SANTA”. I used to get weird looks for this.

But done is done! and I am DONE with winter. Already already this year we have had more snow than the whole of any winter in years.

This much This early was a BAD SIGN. I knew we were going to be in for it.


And it is SO COLD!!!!!!!

I hate COLD. I hate slipping on ice. I hate that I have to keep my garbage can out front so we can move it to the street on trash day and not fight the snow.

I hate not being able to just walk around outside. I hate having to go outside to do ANY Chore. I hate going to the Grocery. I hate  wasting the gas to warm up the car each morning before work. (I have to be there at the buttcrak of dawn). I hate having to brush off the dog each time he has to go out. I hate that after I get settled into a chair or couch for a time, that when I get up and move around I feel the colder air as my body moves around and stirs the air.

I never use to wear hats, but for some reason this winter I have to have this one on anytime I go outside, and sometimes even in the house.

An unfortunate side affect of being warm

I hate having HAT HAIR all day at work!  I hate having to have a slight stream of water running to keep the pipes from freezing. ( but it cheaper than having a pipe burst. We did the water leak damage thing last summer.  we had so much damage i could watch the family Room TV while sitting on the toilet- there was no wall between the rooms for a couple weeks.)

Already this winter Mrs Air Cooled and I have each been sick with one thing or another 3 times each  I hate being sick! We love our new Doctor, but I didn’t want to have to see her THIS MUCH!

I hate that even now As I write this, siting her with that hat on, and my Jeans, T-shirt, a Puerto Rico Pullover sweater, shows and thick sox, my feet and ankles are COLD!

Monday Night the temp went as low as -16 degrees!
It’s too cold to work on a project in the garage. It’s too cold to even put the Christmas decorations back up in the attic. It’s too cold to go out to eat. It is too cold to go visit the kids.  I even hesitate to go to the bathroom because the seat is TOO COLD!

Yes we have heat, but any air or surface that is not warmer than 98.6 degrees tends to give me a chill. And in the ‘Just when you think it is safe to go back in the water’ category,  I heard on the radio this morning  that next week we may be looking at up to a foot of snow. Man that really added to my misery.

Why is this Happening? Who is the cause of all this? I believe we should fire all the weather people in the world- it is their fault. I’m sure of it. Either that  or it has something to do with the airplane.

. O

I usually don’t have to buy gas for my snow blower, I can usually just use up what is left from the mowing season. this year I did top up the gas can for mowers/ blowers in October Justin Case. This weekend I emptied that read gas can. I may have to buy more if this keeps up.

This can really give a person a bad case of the “I Just Don’t Wanna”s

This year I will be 60. Is that what being old is about? Is this what I can look forward to? am I going to be one of those old people who doesn’t want to do anything in the winter because it is too cold? Dam, I hope not. I don’t wanna be my parents!

For now it is time to end this and get up and try to warm up my feet and ankles. Even having the ceiling fan on to stir the air isn’t helping.

so i guess for now that’s “Nuff Said.

if you are not too cold, you can comment below. OR not. Maybe just click Like if you are also cold.

About Air Cooled Underware

Everyday life provides many an occasion to make you think "hmmmm, " and you feel that you may offer some insight to that situaion, or have an alternate view of it. This occurs to me a lot. when this happens I have to express it someway and so I write about these things and just maybe I will catch the interest of a reader / follower or two long the way. For further information about "ME", click on "About Me" above. Thanks for reading my Stuff.
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  1. kayuk says:

    I, too, am Florida Born. But for 35 years I lived in Canada and fought the white stuff. For the first two winters it was awesome….WOW!! Snow! It’s so WHITE and LIGHT and DRIFTY. WOW!

    Then I went off the road on black ice….twice.
    Then I learned about the relationship between shoveling snow and snow plows on the road….5 times a day.
    Then I learned about the life expectancy of green rubber felt-lined winter barn boots and the timing of spring run-off.
    Then I learned what -40 feels like when your hands are wet and you’re trying to buckle a blanket on a horse in the middle of a field in 40 mile an hour winds.

    Then I sold my farm and moved back to Florida.

    Last week I turned 60 and I feel the air through my long-sleeved shirt even in Florida. Thank goodness I brought my snow suits with me.

  2. Ok, I’m not cold so I guess I have to comment. 🙂 We already are reaching a daily high of 30C here in south India, and it isn’t even summer yet. I do get why you don’t like cold. I hate being cold too, which makes me wonder why I’m moving my family to Canada. I’ve often wished I could live somewhere that only gets snow for December, so I could have a white Christmas, and then have nice warm weather the rest of the year.

  3. floridaborne says:

    I grew up in South Florida. It was a rare day in winter when you could see your breath. I once asked my mother, “what’s snow?” She went to the freezer (not frost free), pointed to the white stuff on the sides and said it was the only thing she could show me that would be comparable.

    When I was 23, my husband was hired by a company in St. Paul, Minnesota. The words “culture shock” don’t begin to cover it. I was cold 10 months out of the year, had to learn to drive and walk in snow, and I remember what it was like to have “hat hair.” I’m living in my home state again and pray that I don’t have to move any further north than this. Ever. I understand with every fiber of my being exactly why you would rather be out of Ohio for the winter.

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