Internet Links- Whats your preference? Please comment

As a builder of web pages for various organizations, I  have developed one policy. For just about any link on that site I use the trick that causes the link to open in a separate tab or window. Here is why

In my early days of browsing I would often click on links of interest and after a while find that I could not get beck to the original page That I found in my search results, because each link abandoned the previous page. I found this to be frustrating.

When I became a web site builder and discovered this trick I was filled with GLEE. This allowed me to embed as many links as needed and my audience would not lose the page my clients page that I got them to open originally. Thus helping to keep people on the clients web page so they can find it again and hopefully book  mark it.
(if you click on the GLEE link, you will see that you can still come back to My page and not lose this article, the one that I WANT you to read)

 I use this primarily when links will take you to sites off of the clients website.

It seems though, that MANY in the web site builder community are quite snobbish about this and think that this practice is a CRIME! I feel it serves the client to a far better extent. I will continue to use it as long as the trick works.

What do you think? When you are browsing, do you find it truly annoying that separate windows open, or do you fin that it is better so that you don’t lose the original page you found?

 I would like your Opinion – Please comment below.

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8 Responses to Internet Links- Whats your preference? Please comment

  1. Arif Syauqur says:

    I like your Artikle.. nice..

    filter air | Penjernih Air

  2. Always open in a new tab. Always. Though I do “get” the internal/external link distinction abtwixt mentions above. But. I always…always…open a new tab. I get annoyed when a page doesn’t do that.

    • Thanks Beyond. — at work one of the computers i use has some quirk in the browser that ALWAYS opens NEW WIDOWS and that drive me insane. I tried setting the options but it just ignores my choice.

  3. susielindau says:

    If I can’t use the back arrow, I blame it on user error. Little did I know that there was a method to this madness!!!!

  4. abtwixt says:

    I’ll chime in here — I would back you up. In my opinion, internal links should open within the same tab, and external links should open a new tab. I’ve not created many websites, but those that I have followed this rule. Though, I would never know how often developers follow it, because I automatically right-clink any link and insist it open in a new tab, unless I’m just tired of whatever I’m currently looking at.

    • Thank you abtwixt.. I have to admit I have NO idea what percentage of browser users know about the right click feature. I appreciate your commenting.I Only learned recently that if I right click on words here that have the “YOU MISSPELLED IT” squiggly line under it that you get spelling options! Who KNEW? ( lots of people but me I s’pose!).

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