Findng a New Doctor… Is Gonna be a Bugger!

Ok Kids and fellow Bloghumans, I am asking for your input on this one. You may have read our Family Doctor has shut down his practice rather abruptly in December. We had a 20+ year relationship with his office and they are truly some great people.

As you probably also believe, you don’t just go see the medicine man. You have ongoing relationships with the receptionists, the nurse, aids- with everyone in that office (unless it is just too big to know everyone.

Our main criteria we are looking for are below:.
I don’t want a doctor who has multiple offices. I want ONE location to find him/her at.
I really would prefer that there be only ONE doctor in that office, (so I don’t have to take whoever is available that day).
And I really don’t want a doctor who is my age, and will be retiring in the next ten years, cuz I don’t want to go thru this again…

Using this list above has ruled out a lot of them in my area, but that list of prospects is still way too long.

So I  ask You – those who have had to do this for what ever reason, – Is it wrong to expect our new prospects to be willing to be Interviewed?  After all, we are the Clients here. We will be paying Him / Her for their services / advice/ counsel. So it seems only proper that they should be willing to sit for an interview with us, a prospective employer.

And – I feel that I should not have to pay them a penny for their time because I am not asking them for their input on a medical satiation, No I am asking them to prove to ME that they are suitable to be worthy of My Time and Money .

Perhaps when I do my initial call screening ( office staff response will be graded) I can use their response to a request for interview as a grading point as well. It may help decide if the patient or the $$ is the higher priority.

What do you think? I really would like your input n this one..



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4 Responses to Findng a New Doctor… Is Gonna be a Bugger!

  1. jrlambert says:

    I would think that it would depend on the doctor, how receptive they are to doing an interview. Maybe that will give you some information right there. I know what you are going through, my kids will be switching insurance this year, and we will lose the pediatrician we have loved, after going through many others. *sigh*

  2. I am having to do this for my rheumatologist as well. She is closing the end of next month and sent us a letter with some referral doctors. On the second day of the year, I’m going to be doing phone interviews with the receptionists of these doctors. I will be judging their manners, how they are with me when I call and just start asking questions and such. If they are what I deem appropriate, I’ll schedule an appointment, with the understanding that they are going to be interviewed and, if they can’t handle an interview then they will not be my doctor. I’m going to blog about my criteria tomorrow, my brain is buzzing right now from my pain meds so I’m going to bed.

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