I am here to bear witness to this event that showed her Super Powers once again.

The three lead protagonists of Star Wars, from...

When we first met her, she looked very much like Carrie Fisher, hence her nick name (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The date was Wednesday Sept 12. at approximately 5:30 PM Local time, the Daughter-in-law, aka Princess Lea, calls us and reads a letter that was sent home TODAY with her oldest son Thinker from kindergarten.

This letter says that all of the kindergarten class will be in our local fall Festival Parade. Each Child and his/her accompanying parent must wear a school spirit shirt (such as Cleveland Cavaliers, but for Our City) on to be in the parade.

Where are 50+ kids AND their parent going to find shirts like this on such short notice. You would normally have to order these things.

(This poor planning makes me wonder if these are the same people who were in charge of trying to promote the latest local school levy. THESE PEOPLE DID NOTHING- AND I DO MEAN NOTHING TO GET THE WORD OUT !!! If this was our school boards task we are in trouble)

So SOOOOPER Nana takes the challenge!

Some of the local stores SOMETIMES have a few of these shirts but there sure aren’t going to be 100 of them around, so Nana abandons all thoughts Dinner and Hits the road. Fast.

Zoom-zoom Vegas

(Photo credit: LaserGuided)


First stop= Kroger NOPE! None in the needed sizes. NEXT= Wal-Mart. Yea right. That place is getting to be a joke.  No Good. Kmart? ZIP.

CVS, Walgreen, Riteaid?
Zilch. Nada. ZERO.

One last thought– The local Spirit store that as been here for a generation- Sorry all  gone. Take a few weeks to order some.

AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHH! ( sorta like Charlie Brown’s exasperation with Snoopy when he decorates his doghouse with lights for Christmas)

Think think Tick Tock- It is now 8:30 PM.  Most shops around here close at 9PM.
“What to do, oh what to do”

CRASH- Flash – Lightning strikes!!!! She zooms over to the Goodwill store. Time is 8:40 upon her arrival. Success! Complete Success!! She not only finds a shirt for Thinker and Princess Leia, she sees some that will fit Angel, No FEAR! and Grins, and Emoticon as well even though they don’t need one. (No FEAR and Grins are in the parade under the banner of their Mommie RosaLita’s employer, and Emoticon does not live in our city)

SUCCESS– Home she runs – calling Princess Leia to tell her of her great luck. Just a quick run through the washer and dryer and VWala! THEY LOOK wonderful!

When it come to our five little ones, Nana doesnt stop till she gets what she is after.

Saturday Morning all of the aforementioned participants are in attendance. As each of our two groups that they are in pass by our cherished little ones looked GREAT and we all smiles having a good time.

Picture perfect. Mission accomplished!

Have you had to scramble like this at the last-minute? Do share this with  me.
I’ve  Said  ‘Nuff  for now.
Signed ‘Nuff Said.


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4 Responses to My Wife IS SOOOPER NANA!

  1. meagan mac says:

    Goodwill + Nana = pure awesomeness.

  2. Goodwill….a lifesaver in sooooo many ways.
    Nana gets soooo many high fives my palm hurts….!
    Soooo well done!

  3. WOW those were fast “Likes” Ladies. I JUST Posted this! lol Thank you.

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