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Same Beautiful Clear Blue Sky …

…As it was on This Day 11 years ago. Simply gorgeous day. I went out to put up our flag this morning. I pull out a small step ladder so I could reach the clamp that holds our Flag on … Continue reading

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Originally posted on hovercraftdoggy:
Photograph of innovative suitcase shelving Reused vintage suitcase shelving by Ki Nassauer

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Oh my I have been freshly Pressed- whatever shall I do?

I have no idea how articles are selected for the honor of being put right up front on the  Freshly Pressed Page,  all I know is it happened to me without notice and I had only been on Word Press … Continue reading

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Geez, I really should write something…

…so folks know I’m still out here and into this business.  The following is another transcript from my MTDR. You don’t know what a MTDR is? You can go read the explanation of MTDR here! Wow. Is July really almost over? … Continue reading

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Would you prefer Hot Pink Underwear?

Hello Everyone, I would like to introduce you to my cousin Meagan.. Her blog name is truly as eye and ear and mind catching as mine– only MORE so. No we re not really cousins, in fact we just met … Continue reading

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