Making yourself sound important

This one is for the ‘Just Thoughts” category– I am working on finalizing a website so we can go LIVE this week, and researching a couple of terms, I see on the side of a web consulting company’s page an “about the author” note..  And this is what it says….

 is a lead at <company name removed>. He/She ensures that business requirements are translated into scalable, integrated technical architectures, and user-centric interfaces. 

and here is another one………

information architect at <company name removed>, where he/she deals with the daily grind of integrating user needs, technical constraints, and business needs into requirement documents for subsequent de-scoping. He has been the lead information architect for sites for < lot of big companies blah blah>


[ob-fuh-skeyt, ob-fuhs-keyt]  verb (used with object), ob·fus·cat·ed, ob·fus·cat·ing. confuse, bewilder, or stupefy. make obscure or unclear: to obfuscate a problem with extraneous information. darken.

In Short,  these people work for companies that build website for companies, and these people are probably IDEA PEOPLE.

I have to mention that the information that one of these people’s’ articles I was reading was valuable in my research   but ……..


In one of my “Previous Lives” I was a grocery store manager.  WOW that doesn’t sound impressive.. let me try to redefine that for my next resume …………

TITLE: Human Nutrient Replenishment Purchase Point Specialist
RESPONSIBILITIES: The procurement, distribution and point-of-purchase exposure of prepackaged products that provide proper nutrition, and to provide easy access for  local people’s for daily fuel intake. Over see the proper environment for employees to be able to perform their duties as useful and productive assistants in the implementation of this endeavor, and to maintain the proper balance of cash flows and fiscal integrity to provide for a profitable business model in the industry.

What it Means:  I made sure the groceries got order, unloaded off of delivery trucks, and restocked on the shelves, and made certain employees weren’t stealing from the register and weren’t goofing off when they should be working.

Now which one makes me sound more SPECIAL!

‘Nuff is sitting here with a big GRIN on his face.

Comments accepted free of charge 😉

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Everyday life provides many an occasion to make you think "hmmmm, " and you feel that you may offer some insight to that situaion, or have an alternate view of it. This occurs to me a lot. when this happens I have to express it someway and so I write about these things and just maybe I will catch the interest of a reader / follower or two long the way. For further information about "ME", click on "About Me" above. Thanks for reading my Stuff.
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3 Responses to Making yourself sound important

  1. Danya says:

    I found a really awesome video on copywriting that talked about why Groupon was so successful…The magic? Talking to people like they’re PEOPLE. Not computers designed to sift and sort elegant speak for the purpose of deciphering and spitting out morsels of 4 letter words our brains are adept at handling. “User-centric interfaces”?? lol Although, I am guilty of obscuring things at times, you have an incredibly valid point 🙂

  2. Would *like* this many times over if only I could.
    Well done!

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