The 2012 Olympic Ceremony in London was…………

…………. WOW.. It made me tear up a lot……………………

As I watched it  and seeing all those people from so many different cultures ….

… it reminded me of this Blogging culture, or rather this Mix of so many cultures that so many of us from all around this large world can share almost instantly and so many of these people I have met here on WordPress genuinely care about each other………..

You could see the sheer joy in most  everyone face who was a participant, both volunteers and Olympians are truly happy to just be there.

I found it so wonderful to see the Peoples from so many nations all in one place in the world to compete against each other in healthy competition, not in a war.

I think I just realized that I am more of a romantic and softy as I get older.  I just thought it was marvelous.  You have to think that if you were involved in any way with this event, as participant or volunteer, you are one of relatively few people in this world who can say you were a part of this magnificent event. what an experience that must be for those people.

And the Show itself, Oh Oh oh WOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!.
I can’t fathom how one would put something that big together!
I have done entertaining on stage before,  both as the talent and as the technical side of the business, tinkering around  with lighting rigs and sound boards, and I was thinking to myself that It must have taken a very long time and a few people with very big brains and limitless imagination to think up, plan out, sketch out,  tech up, Pyro, and choreograph, organize, coordinate,   and on and on and on, that whole 4 hour show.
I can tell you that several people and companies have just made some big names for them selves in the industry because of what seemed to be  a flawless production. My hat is off to ALL involved, top to bottom.!!!!!!!!!!

I do have two personal “Why not’s?”

ONE– Why was not Sir Elton John’s music sampled in the production?????/ You have to wonder………

TWO– The only real flaw I feel was with the finale. Someone should have made real dam certain that Ringo was playing drums on that stage with Sir Paul. After all, this show  was also a celebration of all things British, and what band is more celebrated in the WORLD than the Beatles? I don’t think there is one.   I know this want about the Beatles, but I felt It was s slight on ring to not have him there. they DID play Beatles songs. And while they were at it, I feel Sean and Julian also should have been on that stage..   That would have been Perfect!

MTDR Transcript———
Wow I knocked this one out REAL quick. It s first for me I think. 
End of MTDR Transcript——-

That’s all from me on That subject. Feel free to add your own thoughts below.

Nuff said enough for tonight.!

posted @23:07 EDT USA

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6 Responses to The 2012 Olympic Ceremony in London was…………

  1. Here’s another article that illustrates the multi-national heartbeat of this spectacular event:

  2. The Other Me says:

    I thought it was impressive. Being an ex-Londoner (I’ll always be a Londoner really) I felt very proud. Don’t agree with Ringo being there, but that’s because I’m a drummer and most drummers are hard on Ringo. Lol. I still haven’t seen the Beijing ceremony…supposed to have been amazing! Yeah very proud!

    • Hi Sean good to hear from you. I was never a big Beatle fan, and i still thing that Ringo was just a so so drummer. BUT he is a Beatle, and the Beatles are British.
      I have to say that Yes England did itself proud.!!!!!

      Good luck on your book. As I get caught up I will have to get by and read that sample you just posted.
      Take Care My friend

  3. zelmare says:

    I missed the opening… 😦 But I’m watching some highlights at the moment – basically the march-up of the teams, which is slightly boring, but it does give me a thrill to think that the world is united for the next 2 weeks. And the participants all seem so proud and excited to be there, as well they should be. 🙂

    • HI Zelmare – thanks for stopping in. If you have digital cable you may be able to see the whole opening ceremony on a streamer channel or maybe even online.. NBC has already placed it on many cable systems to be watched at your leessure.( oh dam how do you spell leezure) lol.
      Take care.

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