I Wanna blog.
I  wanna blog blog blog blog blog.

I wanna write this stuff and get it outta my head.
I gotta write this stuff before I go to bed.

I wanna just sit in my Easy chair and write about things that may curl your hair.
I wanna just sit here in my easy chair, writing these things in my  underware.

I wanna post these things 24/7 and get it all done before i go to Heaven.

I wanna tell the world that I have it figured out. Just do it my way and you will no doubt
Have a better life that makes you twist and shout ( in a JohnPaulGeorgeRingo sort of way).

I wanna blog about Me, I wanna blog about you. I wanna blog about stoopid things like Pantaloons, and Big Ugly goons, and poorly made brooms, and well wrote tunes.
And get it all  done before June.

I wanna blog about the Congress and the President, about where the hell all our tax money went. I wanna blog about people who talk to much on their TV SHOW. And young bad singers like beeberman and misbehaven stars Like Sheen and Missy Lohann.

I wanna blog about food, good food, bad food, Sports, Humanity, Women, Relationships Men,  Places. People. Things. thongs. Swimsuits, Taylor made suits.  The Suits! The working man. The rich man. The Poor Man, The Economy, Man.

I wanna Blog about God, Buda, Common sense, nonsense, Great Scents, sixth sense.
I wanna blog about ET on my planet, and be Entertained  Tonight with  Beenie and Cecil on my TV  . Emma Peal, John Steed, Boris and Natasha, Vladimir and Yeltsin.

I Wanna Blog about Whatever comes into my Head.
I otta go spend some time reading my followers stuff


I can’t find the time cuz of all the junk I gotta do…..

I have to pay some bills. I have to go to work. I have to spend time with the wife. I have to feed and bath the dog. I have to go to the grocery. I have to go to the Doctor. I have to go to (anyplace but walmart), I have to go visit the grandkids. I have to go
…….. Uh OH.. hang on a sec.  be right back…………..

tingletinkletingletinkletingletinkle….. drip drip… zzzziipp. WHHOOOOSH……

Did I tell you I put in a new toilet? I LOVE my new toilet, it is so earth friendly. It so green, well it’s actually white, but it’s green in the save the earth kind of way. It has 2 speeds – uses only about 3 quarts of water for small loads, and for larger loads it only uses 1.28 gallon of water. That is so much better than our old pooter- that dog used almost 4 gallons of water, and you had to stand prepared in case- ya know what I mean Vern?…..

Ok.  Where was I.. Oh Yea…..
I have to  cook some dinner. I have to cut the grass. I have to do the Dishes. I have to feed the fishes.
I have to do the laundry. I have to clean out the Garage. I have to take out the garboj.
I have to clean the ‘ool, (there is no ‘P’ in ours). I have to find my tools.
I have to fix the sink. I have to cut the grass again ( too much fertilizer I think).
I have to change the oil  in both cars. I wish I had time to play my guitarz.

Uh Oh, should NOT have ate the whole box of  Raisin Bran………… gotta Go.. see ya later…………

Oh Crap ” Honey, bring me a roll of toilet paper.”
This might take a couple of flushes………
“and Honey you better turn on the whole house fan on your way here”.

‘Nuff may have more to say on this at a later date.

About Air Cooled Underware

Everyday life provides many an occasion to make you think "hmmmm, " and you feel that you may offer some insight to that situaion, or have an alternate view of it. This occurs to me a lot. when this happens I have to express it someway and so I write about these things and just maybe I will catch the interest of a reader / follower or two long the way. For further information about "ME", click on "About Me" above. Thanks for reading my Stuff.
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13 Responses to I WANNA Blog

  1. Danya says:

    Love it. I think this post is worthy of a follow up video…maybe dust off that guitar?

    • Oh I really really do want to dust them off. Right now though I cant get to them. Were doing some some reorganizing and getting rid of and that room is pretty full right now.
      Thanks Danya.

  2. itssrijana says:

    😉 back with a BANG !

  3. Pink Ninjabi says:

    LOVE this post. My favorite by far! LOVE! Soooo funny. I just started laughing as I’m sure we can all relate. And congrats on the new toilet! Makes all the difference for sure. Flush it all out on a blog too I say!


  4. Great entertainment for my Friday morning. Thanks Air Cooled! Glad to see you back!

  5. Haha… My sentiments exactly. I like the rhymes…and your new green toilet. Lol

  6. sharon fadale says:

    You read my mind. So many times life gets in the way….

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