Braggin about my family

No one in my family knows that I am writing blog other than my wife.  I read another bloggers post that all of her friends and family are aware they could be fodder for a post so it makes them cautious about what they say. Lol I can understand that.
I prefer to write with  anonymity because it is liberating to write and not worry about what people around me might think. or be afraid to say anything,, cuz you never know where an idea might come from……
I am not super concerned that anyone find out who I am,  and considering that so far I have only had 19 people from Ohio even check out my blog (out of over 10,000 hits currently, I am dumbfounded. I guess people in Ohio have too much to do or I don’t write about anything they are interested in ..hmmm).

I didn’t have plans to write much bout my family anyway. But I feel like bragging on my kids and grandkids this evening so here is a rundown of my Family unit.

We are aware that we are very blessed.

We have 3 great kids,  2 sons and a daughter. and five GrandKids ( GK). I am giving each of them a pseudonym for clarity and possible future reference.

Thing One, I will call Tackleberry,  the oldest son who grasps thing very quickly, was a Certified Firefighter and EMT before he graduated high school.  He shortly there after got his Paramedic certification. and THEN he got his Police Certification. Yea he is a driven kid. He is more like his Mom than he likes to admit. Tackleberry has been  a good backbone of the family since he has become an adult, and just naturally kind of takes the role as future head of family, (and I don’t think he realizes it). He has recently taken on a total career change that is far more family friendly and we think it will serve him and his family well.

He married Princes Leia, who is a school teacher. She is a Funny, Perky Girl, very warm and loving  who is very devoted to her husband sons, and has stood by her man throughout a couple of very tough years that they had to endure which was caused in no small part by bad banking laws and greedy bankers. Princes Leia has stuck with Tackelberry throughout all of the problems that I am sure have torn many other marriages apart in these recent bad times. Princes Leia is a trooper! and we are so glad to have her.

They have our first 2 grandsons, I will call Thinker and Angel. thinker, the oldest is very much like his Dad. He studies things, and learns quickly. I love to watch him try to figure something out when he doesn’t realize I am looking.
Angel is more like his Mom, a very loving boy. The reason for his name is I just KNOW that in his first 2 and a half  years He was seeing and interacting with Angels. We would see him look at ‘something’ in the room when no one would be standing, and seem to be listening to someone, and sometimes suddenly break out in a giggle as if someone had tickled him or made funny faces at him.

Next we have Thing Two, the other  Son I will Call Sparky.  Great at sports, (Unlike his Dad), a Charmer since day one, and a natural knack with kids.  (He didn’t get any musical talent from me I’m afraid. Maybe one of the grand kids will be a talented one.) Sparky is an electrician which is not what we would have expected him to become. He is quite good at it.

Sparky Married whom I will call RosaLita.  RosaLita is a short,  curly-haired, pretty  young woman of Mexican descent ( I swear here name sounds Italian to me). She works at a local business office in the Insurance industry. Sparky and RosaLita were the proverbial High school Sweethearts.

Sparky and Rosa also have 2 of our grandkids, # 3 and #5.  # 3 grandson I will call No FEAR!. this kids is funny and daring. this kid really has no fear of falling, heights, swinging the air, and he scares me to death.  No FEAR has 3 basic faces. Morning stupor, total unreadable, and sheer joy.  He is also totally devoted to his new Baby Sister  I will call GRINS. (no Sibling rivalry here yet).
Grins is out newest GK and the only girl so far. Man,  this young lady is going to be SO SPOILED!  she is only about 5 month old at this time, but has so far been the absolute perfect baby. Eats on schedule,  Sleeps on schedule, and almost is never fussy.  Every new parent should have it this good.

Thing Three is our Daughter, I will call Celine.  this one has the musical talent, a beautiful voice like her mother, and a great stage presence. She has been told by some people in the entertainment business to  ” git your but up here to New York” cuz you have what it takes. BUT — at least for now that is not what her future holds. Celine is a COP. – Yea.. you would never believe it if you ever saw this skinny amazon of a woman,  but she can kick but and take names, and reports, and more reports lol. Yea, when she announced this plan years ago we were taken aback, but we are proud of what she has done.

Celine is Married to THE MR WRIGHT. No he is not a descendant of the airplane dudes, nor is his name really wright, but for Celine, He is Mr. Wright.
Mr. Wright   also works in Public service as a Fire Fighter. He has been doing it since High school.   He is the rock that challenges Celine in good ways and is very supportive  of her. Theirs is the newest marriage in our family and we have only had a couple of years to share experiences  with these two,  I can tell this is a good match.

They had GK #4 whom I will Call Emoticon. This kid is a little over a year old and he has so many expressions  that there is no doubt about is mood at any time. He already moves his eyebrows in ways that don’t seem natural and just watching his face is a comedy routine!

I realize that this post is not going to get a Peabody award, and it is not likely to be of interest to a lot of people. I just  felt like bragging a bit.  We love this group of assembled people we call Our Family. And it s kind of sneaky that they don’t know about this wink wink. And if in the future I write something that is about any of these people you now have a frame of reference about them so I wont have to include a long explanation. I can just link you back to this post.

Nuff and His wife are blessed by these people above.

Comment below if you wanna….


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13 Responses to Braggin about my family

  1. Aren’t you the lucky one! 🙂
    So I take it your gravatar is of one of your GKs? I tend to be good at lucky guesses, so #3 perhaps? 😛

    • Thank you Katarina. Yes we are well aware that we are blessed. By the grace of God our kids walked a pretty straight and narrow path while growing up. And found direction and careers. sorry to disapoint your luck, the pix is GK #2- “Angel”. I am thinking of rotating out each of them as my icon pix just for fun. Thank you for spending so much time reading my posts today. The first thing I did when I logged on tonight was to catch up on your posts. Welcome Back.

  2. What a wonderful post! *sniff*

  3. Wow Gang, thanks. When I was nearly done writing this post I didn’t think it would gather any interest. I GREATLY THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY AND READING. It rings a tear to my eye.

  4. susielindau says:

    I write about my family all the time and everyone knows. I always run it by them first and they love it! Your family sounds awesome.
    How do you know which States you are being viewed from?

  5. Nice….very nice. Thank you.

  6. The Other Me says:

    A very proud father and grandfather.

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