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Trying to sleep and listening to my favorite night-time radio program got me inspired to write this article that I have had on my mind for probably a year.

One of my hobbies since I was young has been to listen to AM radio at night in particular. And just to add to your education the hobby has a name. It is call DXing. The goal it to log as many different radio stations as you can.  There used to be a wide array of different formats, and personalities that you could listen to in the 50’s and 60’s.

Photograph of a young girl listening to the ra...

Photograph of a young girl listening to the radio during the Great Depression. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here in the United States at night you can pick up many AM radio stations if you are willing to put up with a little fading and noise.  That was and IS the magic of Radio. Unfortunately with all of the networking and homogenization and conglomerate ownership of Broadcasting in general, the variety to pick from is pretty lacking these days. But Occasionally I will still stroll up and down the dial to see what has changed.

With that being said- On to the Topic at Hand……….
In todays culture of radio and TV hosts there are a lot of bad talking heads out there, and for some reason We  put up with them. If you want to remember what a GOOD talk show host should be like then check  this out…..

This is my HIP HIP Hooray KUDOS and my Vote for the Very Best Host in both Radio and TV these days. That person is George Noory, the host of Coast to Coast AM and it bears repeating that He IS absolutely the very best talk show host in TV and RADIO.

He has a clear , pleasant voice.
He does not interject him self into the conversation.
He does not chastise or berate ANYONE who calls into his show.

He does what every host should do.

He presents the guest, gives up the mike, opens the phone lines and get out of the way of the conversation.

George will ask the questions that we, the listeners want him to ask, and he will steer the conversation to stay on track and probe into the guest to get more information.  Only occasionally will he add some personal insight or experience or viewpoint, but not at the risk of taking over the conversation.  He is not judgemental of any guest or caller. He is a gentleman.

George is the Definition of what any Broadcast Host personality Should aspire to be!

Second Runner ups are Ian Punit, (Coast to Coast AM)
and Clark Howard  (The Clark Howard Show)

There are way to many TV and radio talk show hosts who interrupt too dam much ( aka Letterman, Leno, O’Reilly, and on and on). Whenever someone shows up as a guest on one of these clowns show you can bet you are not going to learn much about the guest. These bobble heads think that because the show is named after them that they should be talking all the time.

For all of them I have a suggestion.
“hey Dave, Jay, Bill, Ask the question and then shut the hell up so your guest can answer the question”. And go take some lessons on how to be an interviewer from George Noory!

‘Nuff Said his Piece.  Now it’s your turn.. Add your comments below if you are so inclined.


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One Response to Best TV Radio Show Host

  1. We’ve got some of those irritating presenters here too. They all keep trying to speak in foreign accents, sounding so ridiculous. I’m not the best of English speakers but someone seriously needs to give those people a thorough lesson in the tongue if they choose to work at an English-speaking broadcasting station. Thing is, I don’t even think they would do any better if they spoke their mother tongues. As for the inappropriate jokes and sexual innuendos some of them keep throwing about! Totally drives me nuts. If atleast they got their info right! I can’t, for the life of me, forgive anyone that works in show business and still believes MJ turned white because he hated being black. WTH?!

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