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I Wanna blog. I GOTTA Blog. I  wanna blog blog blog blog blog. I wanna write this stuff and get it outta my head. I gotta write this stuff before I go to bed. I wanna just sit in my … Continue reading

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Braggin about my family

No one in my family knows that I am writing blog other than my wife.  I read another bloggers post that all of her friends and family are aware they could be fodder for a post so it makes them … Continue reading

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How much do I hate Walmart.

Let me count the ways. When Walmart came to this part of the country back in late 1980s They were a great store to shop. They had it right. The right Mix of products, it was in-stock and the stores … Continue reading

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America Revealed- you HAVE to watch this series!

Really – you need to call everyone you know and have them watch this series. The program is called America Revealed and it gets you thinking about ‘things’. It  airs on Wednesday evenings on PBS (check your local listings). This … Continue reading

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Best TV Radio Show Host

Trying to sleep and listening to my favorite night-time radio program got me inspired to write this article that I have had on my mind for probably a year. One of my hobbies since I was young has been to … Continue reading

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My Absence from wordpress

Hi Gang I  am just posting this to let you all know what I have been ill for about 10 days and haven’t felt up to writing. I sit at my computer and look at posts and start to revise … Continue reading

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