Twitter and Facebook and Pintrest OH MY

I have tried, really I have. I understand that thousands, no, millions of people do it. But I just don’t get it. Am I too dense to see it? Am I stuck in the middle of the forest, not be able to see the trees?

Facebook, My space, Twitter, Stumblupon, Pintrest, and on and on………..  Its endless!
Does a person have to be  a part of them all?

Let’s look at my situation for example.
I have this blog. I got lucky and got a lot of exposure early.
As a result I have over a hundred followers at this time. Each follower gets an email every time I put up a new post.  I presume that when they get time they will  stop in a read it.

At the bottom of each post are these “Follow me on” buttons. It seems to be important to offer these on my blog. And I presume that some people use them. If they do I do  not get any notices as far as I know.

I created a twitter account. I set up a Facebook account but I have not bothered with it. I know that  every time I post something,  my Twitter sends out  a tweet to those followers. And if the Facebook were active a notice would also go up on that page. AND I presume similar things would  go up on many of the other similar sites.

Here is my point.
If you follow me on Twitter, and Facebook and via email, you will get a TWEET, a Facebook blurb, and an email.

So once you get the tweet, do you go to my Facebook page to read a snippet of the post, then check your email to read another longer snippet, and THEN come to my site and read the whole article?
Or do you just go right to my site  and read the article? I mean really,  Who has time for all that?

I figure if you like what I write, you will check in here from time to time and catch up. Make sense to me.

Can someone tell me what I am  missing?   The word press promote your self hints say to link to your Facebook, Twitter, yada yada, site, But if you only have 6 Twitter follower, and 100 direct WordPress followers, isn’t my “Advertising Dollar” waisted on the social network  sites?

For reasons that take too long to explain here, I will admit that I do have a personal Facebook account. I recently updated it because I need it to be able to admin a Facebook page for a club that I have recently become the webmaster of. So I figured, ok, let me try all this stuff to get a better understanding of what it is and how to use it.

I went hunting for “friends”. I found  a bunch of people I know, I  sent requests and every one accepted. (whew, didn’t know if they really liked me- lol)

So now that I have had  it up for only a few weeks,  My wall is getting lots of updates from al of my new-found Facebook “Friends”.  It seems that a lot of my new “friends” feel it necessary to blather on about their particular political points of view.  Do you want to know something?  I don’t really care!  I have cable. I read the news. I have my convictions and points of view. I am not likely to be convinced to think Your way, and I realize that you will most likely not do a 180 and start to think my way.

Yes till people keep up these silly ass rants about how their side is the smarter side. And it is so sad. It’s like a bunch of little kids arguing.

“Your Mommy makes stinky cookies”
“does Not”
“does SO”
“well at least my mommy can cook. Your  mommy can’t boil water”.
“Can too.”
“Can NOT!”
“your stupid”
“Your stupider” 

Sheesh people get a book. find a hobby. Get a life.

It is precisely why THIS blog will NOT entertain political writings or discussions. Period.
That is not the purpose of this blog.  As detailed in my ‘Comment Policy’ tab above, if any comments even begin to go there, or to slam another person who has left a comment, I will delete that kind of comment in a heartbeat.

Ahem. Harrumph.Wow I have seriously digressed.

If there is something  that I am missing about these social networking sites, and how being connected to them for this blog has any real benefit, Please leave a comment below, or even send me an email directly via the tab above. I do appreciate your input.

And if you read this , but don’t click the like button, THANK YOU FOR READING IT JUST THE SAME.

‘Nuff Said needs  to know more….

About Air Cooled Underware

Everyday life provides many an occasion to make you think "hmmmm, " and you feel that you may offer some insight to that situaion, or have an alternate view of it. This occurs to me a lot. when this happens I have to express it someway and so I write about these things and just maybe I will catch the interest of a reader / follower or two long the way. For further information about "ME", click on "About Me" above. Thanks for reading my Stuff.
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11 Responses to Twitter and Facebook and Pintrest OH MY

  1. Since I have an odd work schedule and basically no life, FB is my outlet to the world. It’s kind of like my little happy hour, flitting from one club to another to associate with various friends, crack quick jokes, talk about semi-serious stuff and play a game or two (I’m in recovery for this one, though). I have long shunned the Tweet, Tweet of the Twitter but since I’ve decided to get more active with this thing the Princess may have to succumb and abandon her “I Shall Not Tweet” edict. Though if hooking into this NetworkedBlogs thing works I might be able to stand strong.

    BTW, thanks for the Versatile Blogger nom–it’s taken me this long to actually work on it, and I’m STILL 3 blogs short. But I should have my post up by the end of the month.

  2. The Other Me says:

    I totally agree. I have a fb personal page and have started a fb music slash writing page. The music page is to promote my forthcoming music and hopefully when the book is done, that too. Right now its pretty barren. My personal page is looking like it needs a spring clean…cobwebs, tumble weed and crushed tin cans. Nothing to see there! I’ve stayed away from twitter….makes no sense to me. We all seem to be becoming more and more needy! I’m a WordPress addict right now though!

    100 followers! Did you get pressed?

    • Pressed? Oh Yes. I had only been up here about a week or two and one of my very first post “I just don’t Wanna” got pressed. I was home that day and all of a sudden my blackberry started Pinging away with notice after notice that people were liking and commenting– I didn’t know whyy my phone was blowing up. It was quite a gift for a new blogger. Thanks for reading me Sean.

  3. Chorwin says:

    quite agree with you, do we need all. More and more networking site coming out, and all of those have certain level of popularity. Do we need to be a user of all of this??
    Personally, I try to manage this properly, where I use this, still register for that, but not doing thing on this site, but on that site… bla bla bla… They just a tool, they just a service, all depend on the people. 🙂

  4. I use FB to stay in touch with ex colleagues and ex students and thats it. I have met some interesting people there, but the number of spammers, scammers, sexual perverts and other nutcases has increased so much, that I don’t use it very often anymore. The same applies to MySpace. I used to frequent some photography and travel network sites as well, but these networks are more used for dating than anything else, so I left them. Twitter has enabled me to find some interesting people and sites. But the best experience I have had is here on WordPress!

    • Hi Gang, so far it seems that I am not alone in my thought on this. I was wondering if I was missing something. I suppose these other apps serve different purposes. They are just not my style. And after all if you have a smart phone you are likely getting the new post emails as it happens. I have most of mine sent in one time block at night and then check them at my leisure. And Yes, Even Eric Clapton felt things need to be unplugged one in a while. Thanks for commenting.

  5. zelmare says:

    I also don’t get the need to be on every single social network available. I don’t get the tweeting nonsense at all. I’m on FB, but that is completely different to blogging – a slightly more direct communication between friends and family that maybe don’t see each other often. I won’t link my blog to any other ‘account’, that defeats the purpose of blogging, I think… Is it healthy to be ‘plugged in’ 24/7? As it is I feel guilty for being on the blogging site so often. Need to switch off sometimes! 🙂

  6. Eric Alagan says:

    I use Facebook to keep up with family/friends/acquaintances who are not into ‘serious’ reading. After sometime, I know who the brain-dead are and simply don’t open their “notifications”.

    I use my blog to help with my ‘serious’ writing. I don’t use twitter as it is real-time > sorry no such time to spare, I would rather save it for family and friends.

  7. itssrijana says:

    i just have a fb account it helps to connected with friends who live in different ppl believe me the phone rates are very high .i ve never expressed any political views there …its STUPID about others i just don,t know well connecting to them has benefits my relatives can read what i write n 🙂 they do i know.and some times they share it …etc 🙂

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