Me and my real Twilight Zone Event


Twilight Zone opening theme:
<Twingtwingtingtwing Twingtwingtwintwing<

ROD SERLING  BEGINS:  “You unlock this door with the key of imagination – THISS  – is an actual event. It is about an organ, a Boy, a Girl,  and a Girl who pretends to be a Boy. It is a slice of precisely 12 hours of a mans life that actually  took place. The names have not been changed. You are about to enter- THE TWILIGHT ZONE.” 

This event gave me chills then when it had all played out, and it still gives me chills now as I relive it in this writing. Also don’t miss the additional notes about this at the bottom of this post. ah! ah! aaahh! — don’t scroll down there yet! You will spoil it!

Picture an older white guy, in his 50s in a room, in front of several attentive grandchildren, as he begins to tell his story…..

< happy music under, slowly turning to a discordant key in an erie tone , being played on a Moog synthisizer>

First — a little background. When I was a just a lad in grade school, I was one of 2 students who were chosen to play the old and rather large pipe organ in our church for the weekly mandatory school mass. The other person was a very cute (and very talented) girl I will call Mary Beth- cuz that is her name. Everyone knew her as Maribeth (youhavetosayitrealfastasifitwasoneword).

I had a considerable crush on Mary Beth back then. Mind you we were both about 11 or 12 years old. It worked out really well in the fact that Mary Beth lived on the street behind our street, and I think I got to walk her home a couple of times. I was in ‘love’. (Nothing ever became of that situation).

Mary Beth had a younger sister.  I will call Nancy ( cuz- doh, that was her name).  Little sister Nancy would  occasionally meet up with Mary Beth and I at the organ console after the service,  primarily, I felt, just to bug us.  Nancy was not a shy child, In fact she was a rather cute kid of about 9 years old. One of her little quirks was to kind of scrunch her voice up in her throat and say strange things in that voice.  We just thought it was weird.

ROD SERLING:” Imagine a Man an Unsuspecting man being caught for a brief period, in The Twilight Zone” DAaa dada dododot! (drum crash) 

My Story Begins:

Jump forward a few decades (about the late 1990’s I think) — One of my hobbies is working with wood, refinishing furniture mostly at that time. I had a cabinet or dresser or something  that I was stripping down to refinish. It had a bad dark spot on it that I wanted to try to repair. Yea INTERNET!  On this particular Sunday evening I got on the computer and start looking up how to bleach stains out of wood.

<erie melody plays>

For unknown reasons, one of the very first results on the search engine that came up took me to the website of the  Wicks Pipe Organ Company. ‘”Well that’s amazing, I didn’t even think they would still be in business” I said to myself. Wicks is who made the old organ in our church. It was built in 1928 I believe. Being curious I began to read and click through their whole site — it was taking me down memory lane. As problematic as it was I loved that old organ. For a couple of years in December the factory service man for Wicks would come to our town and call me to help him get it all tuned up for the Christmas celebrations. (It takes 2 people to do this, One on the console to flip stop switches and press  keys, one at a time, and Him up in the loft doing the tuning and repairs. I was always eager to learn about those behemoths, and how they make all those wonderful sounds. I was totally infatuated by pipe organs  then, and still am.


More Background – In a “previous work life” I used to work for a video company and I was a field service technician for them.  

The very next morning, as I was preparing for my day I was looking over my paperwork of the stops I had to make that day. One of the first calls had the name of  Mary Beth’s dad Frank, but this address was on the other side of town, not the street behind my parents home where I grew up, so I didn’t think much of it at first. I was kind of curious so I went to this call first.

When I arrived I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this was indeed the home of the parents of my childhood crush, Mary Beth.

When Frank answered the door I introduced my self, and was invited in. It had been so many years I know he didn’t recognize me so I reminded him who I was, of how his daughter and I were the child prodigy organists of those day gone by. Frank happily did a quick catch up of where Mary Beth and the other of his kids were and what they were doing now in adult life. ” ..And of course you are probably aware of Nancy’s  success” Frank finished up with, to which I replied in the affirmative.

We went into the video room to discuss the issue he was having, and the TV was turned on  and playing a  movie that we both knew well on HBO.  We chuckled about it and went on. I did my diagnosis and repaired the problem for him.

When Frank returned to the room to see the results and learn of the problem  we both had to laugh at the odd coincidence of the movie that was playing and where I was.  To fill him in on why I found it even more amusing I told him of my research the evening before. He understood.  He then went to another room to drag  out a huge reel of 70 mm film. It was one of a few original copies of THAT particular movie. (All the while all of this is happening, I am starting to get some strange feelings, but I put those thought on hold till I got out of the house.)

After sharing a few other bits of family update, we bid each other adieu and I got in my truck, backed out of the driveway, and as fast as I could, drove down the street, turned down another street and pulled over for a few minutes to absorb this bizarre experience that had just taken place over the last 12 hours.


DAN ACKROYD: “Do you want to see something REALLY SCARY?”

“The Boy, is the author.
The Girl, is Mary Beth.
The Girl who pretends to be a Boy, is Nancy.
The Wicks pipe organ is the common thread between these people.”

“The movie that was playing on this particular morning was ‘Twilight Zone the Movie‘.  The family’s name is Cartwright.
That movie was Nancy Cartwright’s first movie as an actor.
Nancy is the Blond Girl in the 3rd segment where she gets trapped inside the cartoon in the TV.
You will undoubtedly will recognize her as the Voice of Bart Simpson.

< Twilight Zone theme run out>
DEeeee dootdootdootdoot.
<fade to black>


As a side note, My parents next door neighbor had gone to Antioch College with Rod Serling. And a now deceased but well-known radio DJ of the time used to occasionally and sheepishly let his listeners know that when Rod was interning at that radio station, or in a coaching class, that with his monotone voice he would never make a career in broadcasting. WHO KNEW.

Deedoodeedoo deedoodeedoo ……..

“Nuff Said


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5 Responses to Me and my real Twilight Zone Event

  1. Very cool! Enjoyable read!

  2. Pipe organ enthusiasts are hard to find. I was once an organist myself and loved to practice late at night with only the console light on and “full organ” in a very grand, amazing acoustical church…I am not quite as famous as Nancy though. A long blog worth the read.

    • Ahh Yes. I especially love the sound of the european voicings. I never cared much for he American theater voiceings that we prominant for a while. organs by Johann Andreas Silberman is my favorite. His tones were just Golden.
      I had email one of the big wigs at Wicks when I found that website and he wrote me right back and offered me a job., and a couple moths earlier he emailed me back to see if I would still consider working for them. My credentials aren’t special so I was pleased that he thought that much of me. main problem was they are in illinois, and I am not, and our kids were just starting high school so moving wants an option at that time.
      Thanks for reading me and good luck on your house adventure.

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