Really Cool Words

This morning, (1:58 AM EST local time- long past bed time for me) I was reading a blog from a follower of my friend   Cdn Stormlover , and I ran across this word SNARKY. I thought that is such a neet word………
SNARKY SNARKY SNARKY SNARKY  I cant get enought of it– lol

There are  lots of Neet Words out there, and since Wordz are our Toolz, and we all use them in this craft,  I thought it would be cool if you would, if you wanna, leave some of your favorite words in the comments below. Lets Have fun with it.   I am anxious to see what you all come up with that I can add to my vocabulary. (be mindful this is a PG audience here).


About Air Cooled Underware

Everyday life provides many an occasion to make you think "hmmmm, " and you feel that you may offer some insight to that situaion, or have an alternate view of it. This occurs to me a lot. when this happens I have to express it someway and so I write about these things and just maybe I will catch the interest of a reader / follower or two long the way. For further information about "ME", click on "About Me" above. Thanks for reading my Stuff.
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20 Responses to Really Cool Words

  1. neutrino ( a very small particle of matter)

    Jic (a word I made up to call people who make me really mad when I am driving) It has a nice sound and feeling to it.

    Frankenfood (slang name given to genetically modified food stuffs)

    pavillion (because I always have to think about how to pronounce it)

    blue heeler (a cool name for a dog breed)

    This is a great post to get the juices flowing! Thanks for the brain food!

  2. glenn147 says:

    I read a Lot of old English(England): The origin of TOSHEROON, a slang term for the British Half Crown or Two and Sixpenny bit, other times a Bit of Gold found in the Night Soil. That was collected for Fertilizer…

  3. A.F.A.R.T.B.O.M.B. time– I just got Pinged (texted) I have to go run up north to help Mrs. Aircooledunderware with the babysitting,. shes feeling a bit under the weather.. She says I can blog all nght there though :0)

  4. glenn147 says:

    I Knew that in Following your Blog, I found a Kindred Spirit. The Ability to Find a ‘Tosheroon’ in the Pile.

  5. I have a former colleague, an editor, who also loved the word “snarky.” He used it often, usually to describe somebody who had called the newspaper to complain. We used to joke that it would be the perfect name for his dog. Can’t think about a specific word that tickles us here, but my husband and I use “BU,” a lot, which stands for “Boston University” and also “butt ugly.” Whenever we see a bad-looking house or car we remark that it belongs on the “BU Campus.”

  6. I’m honoured for the mention……thanks.
    I’ll come back and post some of my favourite “neet” words for you after I’ve had a chance to think about which ones would be SAFE to use here (especially since it’s a PG rated blog! LOL).

  7. Conundrum, debacle, spiffy, euphemism, gadzooks, gaggle, hinky, loofah, swanky, ritzy, skidoo, skosh, skerry, sizzard, zamboni, zillion, zumbooruk, zizz, zob! Yes, all of these are real words 🙂 Words are one of life’s simple pleasures, taken for granted more often than not.

    • Thanks Random. I better start a list of these somewhere. Right now I trying to write a “really really did happen to me Twilight Zone story, and keep it as brief as possible. It may take me few hours to write this one It my first real stab as suspense writing.

  8. Sunshine says:

    Words are soooo cool. I wrote a whole blog post just on new words.

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