Oops. I wish I hadn’t done that – In defense of Pink Suits.

I just read an Op ed article by Charles M Blow in the New York Times. It is his response to the suspension of a CNN commentator Roland Martin who maybe got a little too full of himself (or alcohol) and tweeted (I really do not understand that phenomenon) some questionable espousing s about a couple of things during the Super bowl that the GLAAD organization is all up in an uproar about. Now they want CNN to fire Martin because of these tweets.
I’m not writing to comment on the issue itself , rather to express my total admiration for Mr. Blow’s editorial.
I read his editorials from time to time and I don’t often agree with him, but I believe he is so right-on in his assessment of the status of the issue that I was moved to comment on it.
I am also in awe at so many of the comments that readers have posted and I was gratified to read so many intelligent responses.
I usually don’t read responses to most published articles because so many of them turn out to be flames thrown at the commenters and have so darn little to do with the article subject, a total waste of space , ink, broadband and time that it makes you think the world is full of jerry springer / maury povich idiot fans. I hope to hell not!
Mr. Blow’s editorial is a great example of the kind of thinking that we need so much more of in America.
And the responses, also written by intelligent thinking individuals who actually posted (presumably) their real names, and except for the one or two who HAD to make his political party statement, is testament to what I believe is probably the true average American, the not so silent majority of people who make up this wonderful country.

Now about that pink suit. I am male, straight and I have owned pink dress shirts. I wore them frequently when in my “previous life” I had to appear professional. I LIKED those shirts because they made me look good. I would on occasion get a snide comment about it but I knew I. Looked good in it. So tuff beans buddy, I look good in my shirt and I will be remembered by the higher-ups as opposed to the 30 of you who are all wearing White or Blue shirts. A pink suit or sport coat looks good in my opinion. If I had to dress in that fashion today I would still wear them. It does not make me look gay and I don’t feel gay when I wear it. (And I think women Like the look, but I don’t have evidence to back that up)
Purple on the other hand – not so much. I don’t care what it may symbolize, it’s just not a good color – in My opinion.

’nuff said

I still Love my Blackberry.


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Everyday life provides many an occasion to make you think "hmmmm, " and you feel that you may offer some insight to that situaion, or have an alternate view of it. This occurs to me a lot. when this happens I have to express it someway and so I write about these things and just maybe I will catch the interest of a reader / follower or two long the way. For further information about "ME", click on "About Me" above. Thanks for reading my Stuff.
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5 Responses to Oops. I wish I hadn’t done that – In defense of Pink Suits.

  1. Zelmare says:

    From a woman’s point of view – pink shirts OK, pink suits definitely not OK! 🙂 But hey, if you feel good in it, you will probably look good in it – that’s what dressing up is all about, isn’t it?

  2. I love pink on a man. It says, to me, “I’m confident of my masculinity and a hearty finger salute to you if you aren’t. Grow a pair!”

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