O Where, o Where are you my little FOX NEWS??

Oh where oh where can you beeeeeee……..

Confession Time. I am a cord cutter. There I’ve said it. It’s out of the closet. Now Everyone knows. It is a sad story how I got to this low point in my life.

ya see, ( he begins to tell you weather you wanna know or not) I was a Cable TV Junkie. I was so hooked that I even WORKED for one of those dreaded companies for 20 plus years. As a reward for good behavior and side benefit we got darn near all of our services for free. How  about DEM apples?

So As I wuz planning my glory days of Doing what I darn well want to, getting up when I darn well want to and going fishin when I darn well want to ( I retired in May– woo hoo,) I was using my extensive financial background to project and predict what my monthly expenses were going to be and see if was anywhere close to that my income was going to be.

(this is  teaser, my sleeping pill is finally taking effect….. I will finish this Tuesday when the rain comes in………….. y’all come back now real soon……………

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and maybe writing profusely. (thank God for spellcheck)!

I wonder how many of my wonderful friends I have met here are still aruund. Please comment “I’m HERE” if your still here and reading and writing,,,,,,,,, or just trolling……:0)

Stay Tooned.

‘Nuff Said

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oh dam I started with the really great idea…

… for an article to  to get  my finger working on writing here again , so I put on my head phones, and tuned in Continue reading

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Godspeed Amelia Rose!

This is a young woman who is now and will be  Continue reading

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To Emma Masso and “Mrs Lowes class”- the JIGG is UP

A few weeks ago I received an nice email about how wonderful my website that I admin is and how this class found it so useful. Being a PROUD webmaster I was naturally thrilled that someone would take the time to send me a note about my site.
The odd thing is Emma never said what grade or subject the class was for or where in America the school was at.

I went Web Digging. – I found MrsLowes website, but it is all locked down. She may be a legit teacher, or it may be a scam. If it is legit I hope Mrs Lowe gets wind of this I even replied to “Emma” .

 Oh and Emma’s Letter included a helpful link that I might find useful to use on my page. IT was a link for a Commercial service provider. We don’t do Commercial on our site. Our site is all Hobby and Volunteer.

IT has been about 4 weeks and I still have not heard a word. – so I spent some serious digging, this time with a different angle..

THE JIGG IS UP EMMA MASSO. Turn in your laptop. and internet connection. IT seems that several bloggers and small web pages have received similar wonderful notes on various things that have been studied in class including bee keeping, Ancestry, weather science and  Weather, Emergencies, Fragrances — and many more I am sure. A fellow Word press Blogger seems to have done some detective work on her own and has the full scoop here  http://www.ncwbees.com/2014/03/12/greetings-to-ncwba-members-from-mrs-lowes-class/

Below is My version that I received- Minus the Identifying link
Hi there,
I just wanted to take the time to write you and let you know that my classmates and I have really enjoyed using your page ( mylink mylink mylink yada yada )   for our disaster safety projects! My tutor, Mrs. Lowe, thought it would be nice if we wrote you a thank you note (by using her email) to let you know that it’s been such a great help for us to learn all about preparing for different natural disasters 🙂
And as a thank you, we thought it would be nice send along another resource that we came across during our projects. It has some great information to help learn about different disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and wildfires, that we thought could be helpful for others – ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ comercial Links $$$$$$$).

And if you added it to your other resources, I’d love to show Mrs. Lowe that the site was up to share with other students learning about preparing for emergencies 🙂
But thanks again for your help! And we hope to hear back from you soon.( OH REALLY?)
Emma Masso (and the rest of Mrs. Lowe’s students!)


Do I hear SIrens in the background?

knock knock knock -THIS IS THE INTERNET POLICE – COME ON OUT,  Emma,, or Mrs Lowe, or whatever your name is.

We know you are in there”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
‘Nuff Said


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I never used to. In fact the change of seasons is why I love it here in the “Midwest”
( Whomever called Ohio the Midwest, NEVER looked at a MAP of the whole USA. )

In fact even in my late age I have often been known to call people up at ANY hour at the first sign of snowflakes Continue reading

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Internet Links- Whats your preference? Please comment

As a builder of web pages for various organizations, I  have developed one policy. For just about any link on that site I use the trick that causes the link to open in a separate tab or window. Here is why

In my early days of browsing I would often click on links of interest and after a while find that I could not get beck to the original page That I found in my search results, because each link abandoned the previous page. I found this to be frustrating.

When I became a web site builder and discovered this trick I was filled with GLEE. This allowed me to embed as many links as needed and my audience would not lose the page my clients page that I got them to open originally. Thus helping to keep people on the clients web page so they can find it again and hopefully book  mark it.
(if you click on the GLEE link, you will see that you can still come back to My page and not lose this article, the one that I WANT you to read)

 I use this primarily when links will take you to sites off of the clients website.

It seems though, that MANY in the web site builder community are quite snobbish about this and think that this practice is a CRIME! I feel it serves the client to a far better extent. I will continue to use it as long as the trick works.

What do you think? When you are browsing, do you find it truly annoying that separate windows open, or do you fin that it is better so that you don’t lose the original page you found?

 I would like your Opinion – Please comment below.

Looking for ‘Nuff Comments:

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What ? Huh? Are you DEAF? part 1of ?

The time has come for me to face the fact that I HAVE A HEARING DEFICIENCY THAT IS AFFECTING ME AT HOME AND AT WORK.

I have been aware of my slow degradation of my hearing for about 7 years now, and it is reaching the point where I have to take some action.  I have had Tinnitus all this time and the ringing sometime is very loud, but I have just grown used to it.

I find that I am often missing important information being spoken around me at work, and people find it funny (“are you DEEF”?) .  Its not funny, y’all.

The biggest reason for my not acting on this is the horrendous cost of hearing aids. As more and more of us baby boomers get older the need for this product is slowly exploding, yet there has been little done to allay the cost of these very much needed devices. In today’s technology climate where every version of an electronic device gives you more for less $$, Hearing aids should NOT COST THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!

I had dug into this a few years ago with the only answer was having to go offshore to get hearing aids at any kind of reduced cost. This morning as I was doing some new research again on this subject I found a company online called Embrace Hearing.  Started in Philadelphia by a couple of smart young men, I may have found a very reasonable source for all of us to purchase hearing aids at very reasonable cost.

I will be wirting about my experieince with this proces and with this company as it unfolds Ech writing will have this same tile, and sequential “part x of ?” title so you can follow along.

If by chance you also suffer form this affliction and would like to ad your comments or even a guest blog posting, feel free to leave me comments or get in touch with me via the “contact me” menu above.

Stay Tooned!

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Do you have this affliction?

I have lately been suffering from Web Sparkleys, also known as WEB A.D.D.,  or if you are a regular Blogger it may be known as BADOLAIBS.

Do you also suffer from this Continue reading

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“Improve the Mold” I said

My wife and I have raised 3 children to adulthood, each successful in their own way. All are married, all have families, all are employed. Mrs. Air Cooled and I are very blessed.

When they were in their late teen years, I told each of them the following:

“You are a product of the influences of us for all of your life so far, as well as a mix of other outside influences. Your personality, your strengths and weakness are what they are at this point. I challenge you to Improve the Mold that made you who you are.

Become better than Me and your Mom. Take an introspective inventory of who you are, and how you became that person. Consider all of the traits that came from living in our home for most of your life that make you YOU. Determine what the good parts are and make those stronger in you.

Then find the one or two personality traits about me or your mom that absolutely do not like about me or you Mom that you see in your self,  and lock that in your mind. Now from this day forward spend the rest of your life eradicating that from your personality  so that you don’t pass that bad trait on to children that you will have. Then pass this advice onto your children when they are old enough to understand this task.”

Only time will tell………..

‘Nuff Said that to them many years ago.

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